Hailing from the depths of Orange County, unsigned ambient pop/indie collective, THE SHAKES, is led by songwriter Sean Perry. Influenced by the sounds of The Who, U2, Arctic Monkeys, The Smiths, Tame Impala etc. Perry has been able to incorporate elements of these artists into his own. 


Backed by fellow artists Cameron Pearson, Syd Tagle, Tanner Henderson and Levi Matullis, THE SHAKES have already made a mark on their hometown following.

The collective struck the ears of Francois Comtois of Young The Giant while recording their first single, "Somebody" with Jon O'Brien and Josh Brooks at The Music Box studios in Fullerton, CA. Comtois went on to record drums for the single and it was released in August 2017. 


THE SHAKES currently has three songs available on all streaming platforms, "Scrumptious", "Somebody". and "Paralyzed (Everything's Alright). Including their debut EP WITH EVERY MOMENT, engineered and mixed by producer Josh Brooks. The EP consists of six songs, including 2 bedroom demos. Perry's lyrics take a dive into the every day struggles of an angsty adolescent, attempting to make the best of every moment. 


The 21 year old is looking to make a bold statement with his first body of work. THE SHAKES, are off to an uncanny start and don’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.. Already in the works on their next single, coming this fall.

To be continued…


You can find THE SHAKES on all social media sites with the links below.


i want to live

a life of happiness in which i forgive all the mistakes i've made

i want to see

this life from a perspective different from me

and cherish every moment

in love with every moment